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Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimization

The basic but the most important fact of effective revenue management is the right distribution of the rooms to sell the right room at the right prices. The Revenue Optimizer Support from Revenue FACTORY,a leading revenue management company in cochin, with strategic management approach of pricing, inventory, and demand and distribution channels to maximize revenue growth over the long term. We use demand modelling, demand forecasting, pricing optimization, consumer behaviour predictions, and other activities to ensure the right products are sold to the right customers at the right time and for the right price.


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Our Revenue Optimization Levers

Revenue FACTORY’s Revenue Optimization provides you with the clearest and most complete view available so that you improve pricing decisions, enhance the efficiency of trade spending and ensure product availability. Powered by aligning decision making with information-rich analytics, you’ll be able to pick the right strategy no matter what the market throws at you. The revenue optimization levers are:

Price optimization:

As Revenue FACTORY focusses on maximization of revenue, pricing optimization as one of the possible growth strategies often applied. The concept of selling the right room to the right person at the right price requires you to appropriately segment your customer base. With our Price optimization strategy allows our partner hotels to optimise prices for those different segments. One of the key advantages of this is that once prices are optimised for a particular segment, price changes can be minimised. This, in turn, can help to generate customer loyalty from those who appreciate the price consistency.

Market Optimization:

In order to implement a successful revenue optimization strategy, it is imperative that hotels have a clear understanding of their market, where demand comes from and the various different local factors that might affect seasonal demand. Revenue FACTORY do a market research to understand the competition that exists within the market and make strategic decisions regarding price, discounts and advertising with this competition in mind. Driving relevant, quality traffic to your hotel’s OTA page and optimizing the conversion rate marketing optimization is the most important lever.

Inventory Optimization:

Hotels have fixed number of inventory available to sell and Revenue FACTORY’s revenue optimization aims to help our hotel partners to sell their fixed inventories in the most effective way. Our inventory optimization starts the right OTA mix, so that you are reaching your target audiences. This means taking the time to research different OTAs and then partnering with the right ones. It also means managing distribution, so that you optimise both revenue and profit for your hotel. The main thing is that different OTAs have different level of reach in various markets.

Channel Optimization:

Revenue FACTORY’s channel optimization enables our partner hotels to manage their various distribution channels from a central point. Revenue FACTORY can help to facilitate a far more dynamic pricing strategy, where you can make adjustments to prices on a single OTA, or all OTAs at the same time, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The ability to do this quickly and effortlessly, in real-time, makes it far easier to respond to spikes or dips in demand for your hotel rooms.