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Rate Parity Management

Rate parity is the practice of maintaining consistent room rates across several distribution channels and it is often part of the agreement between hotels and Online Travel Agencies. Many of hotels and resorts have difficulty in managing rate parity across all OTAs alike as OTAs run their own promotions and offers. Revenue FACTORY keenly observes the prices of our partner hotels across all distribution channels to maintain a healthy as well as an ethical relationship with our OTAs. We work with a policy that all OTA partners are important to our partner hotels.


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Rate Parity Management Levers

In simple terms, a rate parity strategy involves maintaining consistent rates for the same product, across all online distribution channels, we believe it a basic but most important part of our commitment to our partners. Revenue FACTORY ensures that our partner hotels have a complete control of setting the bar for their room rates and ensure equal prices across all distribution channels. Revenue FACTORY safeguards our partner hotel’s brand value and online reputation by keeping an extra eye on rate parity management.

Uniform Pricing:

We at Revenue FACTORY applies a uniform pricing pattern across all OTAs to maintain rate parity, it is the basic rule we follow to preserve rate parity. We use technology support from leading channel managers like Axis Rooms, Djubo, Cloud beds etc. Our dedicated Revenue experts, with support of channel managers,

Daily Review System:

Revenue FACTORY maintains a daily rate review system for the partner hotels with the support of relevant technology. Our human supported system can find rate disparity among OTA partners and report them to concerned market managers and maintain a rate parity for our partner hotels and resorts.

Uniform Offers & Discounts:

Offers and discounts are in OTA often lead to rate disparity across other OTAs. Revenue FACTORY believes all OTAs are equally important to our partner hotels and tailor made offers for our hotels that suits all our OTA partners. Our approach helps our partner hotels to keep rate parity and maintain a good relationship with all OTAs.

Building Relationships:

We are people first and hoteliers second, we always keep a good relationship with our market managers who can help us to repair the rate disparity issues. A good relationship with market managers help our partner hotels to get a genuine awareness about the bookings trends and market patterns, effective strategies and opportunities.