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Content Optimization

Content Optimization

As far as the online world of business is concerned, content is the king. Content is what will eventually establish your credibility in your particular market segment and what will drive traffic to your website and eventually convert those visitors into customers.Revenue FACTORY, being the leading revenue management company in cochin, always gives high priority in maintaining high quality images and relevant content for the partner hotels. Our core objective is obviously to sell your rooms by using the updated content. Content marketing, if done right, can help improve your conversion rates


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Our Content Optimization Levers

Revenue FACTORY’s content optimization is a process in which our partner hotels’ content are optimized to become more attractive, useful, informative and actionable to users to boost up more bookings. Our content optimization approach is about taking an average piece of content and turning it into something great. It’s about adding a layer of optimization that helps you get more readers and fetch you a higher conversion rate. Additionally, our content optimization Content optimization allows you to make your content more in-depth and comprehensive.

High Quality Photos:

Having high quality images in OTA has become more important now than it has ever been. Although many aspects of an image affect its quality, the three most important factors for website images are sharpness, relevance, and speed. The Content Optimization team at Revenue FACTORY,best revenue management company in cochin, ensures our partner hotels and resorts have high quality images on the online platforms.

Relevant Data:

The online business is a data-driven environment where the role of data is to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers. Revenue FACTORY, by using data effectively, is able to streamline the process of getting hotels and resorts and putting it in the hands of the customer who books online. Our content specialists ensure that our partner hotels have great data to attract more visitors to our page.

Room Description:

While consumers are increasingly booking hotel rooms through OTAs, customers need a good level of information about the rooms they book. Online travel agencies are extremely important as their reach is far higher than any independent hotel, hence Revenue FACTORY gets the maximum visibility among the consumers for our partnering hotels and resorts.


Prospective customers who visit OTAs websites expect full information about hotels and resorts they look for. Revenue FACTORY, best OTA sales management company in Cochin,gives extra care to upload all relevant information about our partner hotels resorts. Revenue FACTORY’s content experts do a frequent audit at the back office and update relevant information on time.