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OTA Sales Optimization

OTA Sales Optimization

Like Google, OTAs have their own algorithms to determine how hotels rank on their website, thus OTA sales is not just listing hotels in their sites and expecting business from them. Here hotels and resorts need support form revenue management Company like Revenue FACTORY,OTA Sales Management Company in Cochin,with optimized OTA profile with Revenue FACTORY, our hotel partners stands to gain not only bookings from all OTAs they are listed with. By OTA sales optimization Revenue FACTORY ensures all our partner hotels and resorts have a well maintained OTA seller space, Quality contents, adequate promotions and offers, good ranking etc.


Increase In Revenue


Positive Feedback


More Conversion


OTA Sales Optimization Levers

Online travel agents are important, because they allow hotels to communicate with customers who may otherwise be out of reach. From a customer perspective, an OTA also serves as a comprehensive travel platform, potentially allowing them to find hotels, arrange flights, read reviews and make hotel bookings, all from a single location. Revenue FACTORY, helps our partner hotels to make use of these OTA in a most effective way.

Right OTA Mix:

A vital first step Revenue FACTORY takes for a newly signed hotel is to make sure you find the right OTA mix, so that our partner hotels are reaching their target audiences. This helps Revenue FACTORY for taking the time to research different OTAs and then partnering with the right ones. It also means managing distribution, so that you optimise both revenue and profit for your hotel.

Competition Analysis:

Hotel industry is extremely competitive and your hotel and its main rivals are likely to be competing for the same customers on the same OTAs. So, it is important to take the time to get to know about competition, understand what they have to offer customers, and pinpoint their weaknesses too. Revenue FACTORY pays an utmost on competition analysis for our partner hotels to get a competitive advantage over their rivalries.

Right Pricing:

Adopting the right pricing strategy is crucial for increasing hotel bookings through OTAs, and it is important that you charge the right price for the right moment. Two of the main pricing strategies Revenue FCTORY follows while setting your prices based on demand, and maintaining price parity across all distribution channels.

Right Content:

When it comes to selling your hotel to potential customers, a picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality photographs can help you to make a great first impression and provide you with a chance to clearly highlight what your hotel has to offer. Aside from promoting its qualities using photos, your description plays a key role. Revenue FACTROY is expertize in describing your hotel and its details in a very effective manner it should be.