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Know About Revenue FACTORY

Revenue FACTORY is a leading revenue management company in Kerala focused on outstanding financial returns for hotel owners nationwide. We focuses on revenue optimization and OTA management for properties as well as servicing for third-party management contracts. The company specializes in the two to four-star hotel segments among many segment types of hotels and is approved to operate hotels under all the leading hotel brand families and standalone properties.


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Core Values

Revenue FACTORY will work with clients to develop a customized approach given the hotel’s special market conditions, property conditions, and relationship with the brand where applicable, to develop a strategy for the asset early in the process.

Work Culture

Revenue FACTORY Culture starts with a simple yet powerful mission statement supported by our vision, principles, and values. Our goal is to develop and enhance great teams that in turn create great experiences and deliver great results for our investors.


Proven revenue management company of alternative thinking enthusiasts, driven by excellence and achievement of evertargets.Our on-time/on-budget ethos, combined with our willingness to invest directly in projects,ensures we are aligned with owners and investors.


Our Cornerstones

The first choice for industry leaders

We believe in working in full partnership with our owners, investors and associates to create the best experience for you and for our guests. Our leadership team has a deep and diverse level of experience in hotel revenue management, OTA Optimization and always leads our teams through the lens of our Cornerstones. We achieve our vision of success through hard work, integrity and transparency in all critical components of our relationship with you .

Delivering Quality

Our development philosophy is characterized by ingenuity, resourcefulness and quality, and each project is managed in partnership with owners and investors. We maximize each rupee invested in the property, yielding top-quality hotels that lead their market and generate the highest possible profit.

Living integrity

We don’t just talk a good game. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to integrity. We insist on transparency in all our partnerships, and the quality it yields has become our hallmark. Revenue FACTORY stands out because of our ability to be all three with an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Having Fun

We are in the people business, so providing a work environment that is fun and rewarding is essential for the success of a service oriented culture. Simply put happy associates make happy guests who are loyal to our business which in turn drives our success.

Growing Profitability

Our investors, owners and associates operate as true partners in the company. Together, we focus on efficient and effective operations, promoting accountability and continually seeking innovation in all areas of our business. Through these efforts, we continue to enhance financial profits to our owners.

The Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles