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Online Reputation Optimization

Online Reputation Optimization

One negative comment in online or OTA platforms can massively affect a hotel brand’s reputation. Negative comments in OTA platforms start to take an ugly turn when these elements start affecting your sales and sow seeds of distrust in your customers, making everything you worked so hard for amount to nothing. That’s why Revenue FACTORY gives importance in monitoring our partner’s online reputation very carefully. Revenue FACTORY’s online reputation optimization process can have a huge impact on your business by monitoring our hotel partners OTA platforms carefully with our artificial intelligence tools and techniques.


Increase In Revenue


Positive Feedback


More Conversion


Online reputation optimization levers

Hotel reviews have a direct impact on your hotel's demand. A positive review from happy guests can influence the minds of the next reader toying with the idea of booking your hotel. Negative reviews on the other hand, can tarnish the image of your brand. Your hotel's online reputation therefore holds tremendous value and must be a part of your marketing plan. Revenue FACTORY have strong strategic methods to improve the online brand value of our partner hotels and resorts.

Review Optimization:

Managing a hotel’s reputation is crucial in ensuring repeated custom and the acquisition of new customers and there’s no easier way of doing this than via online reviews. OTA platforms and Meta search sites like Trip Advisor are open platforms where people can post reviews about a hotel, its services and facilities. Revenue FACTORY, by working with concerned OTAs, ensure that our partner hotels and resorts have genuine reviews about them on OTAs.

Reputation Optimization strategy:

The first step in Revenue FACTORY’s online reputation management strategy is the evaluation of our partner hotels online image. Tracking the reputation is an important part of reputation management, and ideally, it’s a practice that you’ll continue once your primary reputation remediation efforts are finished. That’s because staying on the right track requires constant vigilance A little bit of neglect can turn into a serious problem very quickly.

Building trust:

Building trust in online platforms are not an easy task as building trusts and relationships as there is no direct contact with customers. . Managing reputation is crucial in ensuring repeated custom and the acquisition of new customers and there’s no easier way of doing this than via online reviews. Revenue FACTORY follows a quick as well as proper review responding system for our partner hotels which responds to reviews effectively.

Quality Content:

Online reputation optimization is not just about managing reviews or responding to them , moreover online reputation optimization is about the quality of the content hotel’s maintain in the online platforms. Revenue FACTORY maintain a good content about the facilities our partner hotels offering in addition to your basic accommodation either. Quality content is a major factor that attracts more customers as quality content is a source of information to the customers.